[75] Umra al-Qadha

Prophet Muhammad led the Muslims on a second attempt at Umra, thet qazaa for the last one which they couldn’t complete.

Rumor spread among the Mushrikeen that the Muslims were weakened, so the Prophet instructed his followers to show extra strength and bravado to dispel that notion.

During the Umra:

– Meccans removed their idols from the kaba for the Muslims

– Muslims stashed their weapons nearby, under guard, in case the Meccans tried to attack them

– The Prophet’s Uncle Abbas, who had secretly converted to Islam and stayed in Medina, openly revealed his conversion

– Bilal, the ex-slave, was instructed to recite the Adhan on top of the kaba, which outraged the class conscious Meccans

– The prophet married Maymuna ibnt al-harith, most likely to establish a kinship with some of his fierce opponents

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