[74] Fadak – Granted and Usurped

Prophet Muhammad had given the garden of Fadak to his daughter Fatima, but after his passing it snatched away from her by Abu Bakr and Umar.

This lecture explains: – How Fadak became the Prophet’s property – Why he gifted it to Lady Fatima – Fadak was a source of immense wealth, generating enough income to fund an army. – How Umar adviced Abu Bakr to take Fadak away from her, since it would strip Imam Ali of his strength and make people less likely to follow him – Abu Bakr’s twisting of Fiqh laws to create an excuse to take Fadak away – Fadak’s history of being alternatively taken away from and being given back to the Ahlul Bayt, based on whether the ruler of the time needed to look like he supported the Ahlul Bayt, or if he needed to deprive them of their source of funding.

The lecture also describes: – How the Prayer of Jafar al-Tayyar came to be, it being a special gift Prophet Muhammad gave to Jaffer ibn Abi Talib. – During a severe drought, Prophet Muhammad sent gold nuggets from the spoils of Khaybar to the Meccans (who were still pagan) to be distributed among the poor

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