[55] Sunni Views on The Verse of Purification

Sheikh Azhar Nasser explores Sunni counter arguments to the Shia claim that the Verse of Purification (Quran 33:33)

The discussion covers:

– Claims that the context of the verse being different

– Claims that the verses include all of Bani Hashim

– Claims that the verse doesn’t prove infallibility

The Q&A also answers:

– Why the Imams sometimes gave their children the same names as prominent Sunni’s like Aisha and Uthman

Ans: The names didn’t necessarily imply endorsement back then, though Imam Ali specificlly said he named his son after a different Uthman)

– Why didn’t the Quran explicitly state who the Ahlul Bayt were?

Ans: This was one of the ways Allah preserved the Quran without affecting free will. Otherwise the enemies of those people would have fought harder to change the Quran.

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