[44] The Battle of Uhud’

– The Muslims marched towards the invaders with an army of 1000 men.

– Munafiqs revealed: Abdullah ibn Ubayy deserted the army and left with 300 of the men, the munafiqs.

– Battle tactics used by Prophet Muhammad

– Fortications abandoned: The prophet gave the archerers unambiguous instructions to maintain a defensive position, yet they were ignored to try and obtain some spoils of war, giving the enemy a critical advantage

In many ways, this event was a precursor to Imam Ali’s succession being ignored years down the road:

– If 300 men were blatantly hypocritical when the population was just 2000, then how many must have been munafiqs when there were 100,000 Muslims when the Prophet Muhammad passed away?

– The prophet gave clear, unambiguous instructions to the archers, yet they were ignored for some spoils of war. What instructions might such people ignore to gain the caliphate?

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